Monday, February 11, 2008

Immortals and Misc News

Cabinet of Wonders investigates Immortals.

Doctor and Nurse go In Search of Dracula.

Also, BLADE the Series is out on DVD.

X-Files fans investigate Werewolves, and find a hoax.

New novel explores 'Soul Vampirism.'

More on the Kidney Theft Ring.

Rapist 'Thought he was a Vampire-Werewolf'

VHN: We're never in short supply of these people.

Alleged rapist 'thought he was a werewolf-vampire'
Tuesday Feb 12 07:00 AEDT
By ninemsn staff

A US man who allegedly sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl first convinced her he was part werewolf and part vampire, a report claims.

Kristian Allen Carl, 19, was charged with statutory rape after he admitted having sex with the girl at a friend's apartment in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, on November 7 last year.

Carl also tried to persuade police he was some kind of paranormal crossbreed.

"He convinced himself he was a hybrid — a combination werewolf and vampire," police Sergeant James Joos was quoted in the Houston Chronicle as saying.

Carl insisted he had a "guardian dragon that protected him from evildoers" and presented his "canine teeth" to police as proof his was part werewolf.

"I let him know that all mammals — including humans — have canine teeth," Sgt Roos said.

Carl told police he met the girl two nights before the alleged assault and was aware of her age.

The girl had earlier claimed Carl was her boyfriend.

He was released on a $US25,000 ($A27,700) bail.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Exorcist Warns Against "Hidden Knowledge"

Exorcist priest warns against "hidden knowledge” trend in Mexico

.- Fr. Jose Luis del Rio y Santiago of the Mexican Diocese of Saltillo, who carried out an exorcism during a healing Mass last Monday, warned against the trend of seeking supposed secret knowledge, and the consulting of healers and fortune tellers, saying such practices “open the door to Satanism.”

During the Mass celebrated at a local parish, a young woman with signs of possession was present, forcing Father del Rio to practice an exorcism in front of the entire congregation.

Father del Rio, who is authorized by the bishop to practice exorcisms in the diocese, warned that the practices of fortune telling, witchcraft and the occult are leading to an increasing number of cases of Satanic possession.

“There are people who get involved in these kinds of practices without knowing that what they are doing is opening the door to the devil,” he stressed.

“People begin to see the occult and fortune telling as something natural and legitimate; and they watch TV programs on astrology, parapsychology and psychics. They get carried away by their ignorance and can fall prey to occult practices. We must warn the faithful that these practices open the door to the devil,” he added.

The young girl who underwent the exorcism was able to leave the church with the help of her family. Father del Rio said she would “have to return for several more sessions in order to ensure her recovery.”

Monday, February 4, 2008

Jamaica: Demonic Forces

"Right now when one looks at Jamaica and see the kinds of murders being committed, the evidence is there that something like this (demon-inspired murders) is taking place in our country.

"Why are our people like this now, when there was a time when they weren't?

"Some will reason that people need employment, others will say it's a lack of education or proper housing, but whatever you give as reasoning, the end result will show that there is evil and wickedness and something is causing this," he said.

Reverend Nalia Ricketts, chief executive officer (CEO) of the parachurch organisation, Prayer 2000, agrees that demonic influences have played a significant role in the rise of crime and violence in Jamaica.

"The thing is, men who refuse to serve God, in any form whatsoever, are likely targets for demonic operations," he said. "A lot of people in Jamaica have given over themselves to satanic forces."

He argues that many of our national practices, including some aspects of our Emancipation celebrations, help to invoke demonic powers, which will serve to bring more bloodshed and mayhem on the country."

Woman Suffocates Father 'Because he was a Demon',21985,23126712-5005961,00.html

By Amy Coopes

January 29, 2008 02:27pm

A WOMAN accused of binding her elderly father in clingfilm and suffocating him with a pillow believed he was a demon and he "had to go", a court has been told.

Ederino Beltrame, 70, died in April 2001 with a doctor signing off his death as being from natural causes.

He had been suffering a terminal heart condition and was in hospital with a brain haemorrhage in the months before his death.

An inquest into Mr Beltrame's death was halted last year after his granddaughter and primary carer Romina came forward to accuse her mother, Daniella, of his murder.

Daniella Beltrame has pleaded not guilty to murder, forging her father's will and intimidating her second daughter Loretta to prevent her giving evidence at the inquest.

Opening committal proceedings against ms Beltrame today in Sydney's Central Local Court, prosecutor Stephen Higgins SC said relations between Ms Beltrame and her father were strained for some years and arguments had escalated into violence.

"In the early hours of the 26th of April, 2001 (Romina) was woken by her mother, the defendant, calling her from her grandfather's room to come and help," Mr Higgins told the court.

"When she entered the room she saw her grandfather bound to the bed with Gladwrap and her mother forcing a pillow onto his face.

"After a struggle Romina was forced from the room. Her mother (followed) a short time later and told her that her grandfather was a demon and that he had to go.

"When she woke the next morning her grandfather was dead."

"The defendant presented documents which she demanded Loretta sign," Mr Higgins said.

"Loretta only looked at one of these documents which stated that she, Loretta, had wanted to kill her grandfather."

Mr Beltrame's doctor Syed Zaman told the court he did not closely examine the body before signing a death certificate.

"I did not examine him because I had known the patient's condition and the way he was sinking," Dr Zaman said.

"I took it for granted that it was a matter of time."

Experts today agreed it was impossible to say with certainty whether Mr Beltrame had been smothered or had died from disease.

The hearing continues.

'Vampirism' Employed in a Political Editorial

This point-of-view political Op Ed, is very interesting. The use of the term vampire is similar to the usage of such subtexts used in the Blade movie trilogy. This man is serious, and it is thought provoking. While he is not literally claiming vampires exist, he is referring to this term which so perfectly applies to what he is saying.

The "Vampire Elites"

Man Murders Wife During Exorcism

Odessa suspect says wife died during exorcism

Husband, who's jailed on a murder charge, says the devil entered his body and caused the woman's death, authorities say

ODESSA — A man accused of killing his wife said he was holding her facedown on the floor during an exorcism when the devil entered his body and caused her to die, according to a probable cause statement.

Jan David Clark, 60, of Odessa, was arrested Friday after authorities went to his home and found Susan Kay Clark's body wrapped in a bed sheet with a cross and sword on top of it.

Sgt. Gary Duesler said the Ector County Sheriff's Office went to the home before dawn Friday after being told that Jan David Clark had called a friend and said his 59-year-old wife was dead. Clark told investigators he had his wife pinned on the floor of their carpeted master bathroom when she died.

Clark was charged with murder and remained in the Ector County Jail on Sunday on $300,000 bail. He has declined comment at the jail. It was unclear whether he had an attorney.

The woman's body was taken to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office for an autopsy.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Romanian Priest Jailed for Exorcism Murder of Nun

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) -- A former priest began a seven-year jail term Wednesday for murdering a young nun during an exorcism ritual when she was bound, chained to a cross and denied food and water for days.

Former priest Daniel Corogeanu, center, listens to a court ruling as he is sentenced.

Irina Cornici, 23, died from dehydration, exhaustion and suffocation during an ordeal that stunned Romania and prompted the Orthodox Church to promise reforms and psychological tests to screen potential clergy.

The former priest, Daniel Corogeanu, and four nuns were all convicted and sentenced in September but Corogeanu was freed pending an appeal, which he lost Tuesday. He was picked up by police in the remote northeast Wednesday and sent to jail.

Cornici, who had previously been treated for schizophrenia, had believed she heard the devil talking to her. Corogeanu and the four nuns decided to try an exorcism ritual in June 2005 using techniques that the Romanian Orthodox Church condemned as "abominable".

The church, which has benefited from a religious revival in recent years, defrocked Corogeanu and excommunicated the four nuns, who in September were handed five- and six-year jail terms.

When arrested Wednesday, Corogeanu said he would serve his term if that was God's will, the national news agency Rompres reported.
Corogeanu, a Romanian, dropped out halfway through training for the priesthood, but still served as a priest for the secluded Holy Trinity convent in northeast Romania because of a shortage of suitable candidates for convents and monasteries.

Friday, February 1, 2008

How 'bout a little Bodily Organ Theft?

“We suspect around 400 or 500 kidney transplants were done by these doctors over the last nine years,” said Mr. Lal, the Gurgaon police commissioner.

Key number, "500."

You may call it crime, or perhaps bio-snatching, howabout good old 'vampirism?'

Of course we're not talking about the undead, perhaps these vampires are 'pre-dead.' Possibly these doctors are selling them, and the people who get them have no idea, but perhaps its the rich, and they wouldn't care if they knew or not.

Theft of a person's bodily fluids, organs, tissues, is by one good definition, "vampirism."

Of course its figurative.

But, why does it seem so appropriate? Because its evil, and the worst kind.

Whether you're taking a person's 'energy' or kidneys, or DNA, there's no modern appropriate word for it other than 'vampirism.' Sure its a 'kind' of vampirism as some modern pop-culture vampire encyclopedias might print...okay, maybe they wouldn't print that, because they're too busy trying to sell the 'hollywood corpse' concept, along with Sean Manchester...

Eh, we're not going to get into that right now. Soon enough we'll look at the whole undead corpse thing, I'm sure people are confused about what I think, because of my cynicism towards this general idea that on one hand the folklore seems to be suggesting 'corpse vampires' and modern pop-culture pushes 'fantasy non-corpse' vampires, while these encyclopedists or 'believers' want to believe in the real undead-corpse vampires, and perhaps there's something else going on here, an 'invisible folklore,' but we'll save that for another time.

I call this 'vampirism,' in the true sociopathic sense. Perhaps its the very bottom level, organ-jacking, but blood, organs, brains, whatever, people are doing this to people for God's sake, and this is the the very core of why vampirism is supposed to be evil.

Which black-clad goth is going to defend these Jack-the-Rippers? You?

Vampires are evil ladies, and gentlemen, they always were, they always will be.