Monday, February 4, 2008

Jamaica: Demonic Forces

"Right now when one looks at Jamaica and see the kinds of murders being committed, the evidence is there that something like this (demon-inspired murders) is taking place in our country.

"Why are our people like this now, when there was a time when they weren't?

"Some will reason that people need employment, others will say it's a lack of education or proper housing, but whatever you give as reasoning, the end result will show that there is evil and wickedness and something is causing this," he said.

Reverend Nalia Ricketts, chief executive officer (CEO) of the parachurch organisation, Prayer 2000, agrees that demonic influences have played a significant role in the rise of crime and violence in Jamaica.

"The thing is, men who refuse to serve God, in any form whatsoever, are likely targets for demonic operations," he said. "A lot of people in Jamaica have given over themselves to satanic forces."

He argues that many of our national practices, including some aspects of our Emancipation celebrations, help to invoke demonic powers, which will serve to bring more bloodshed and mayhem on the country."

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